Click the links below to view a sample.  Full scripts are available upon request. 

Animated Kids Pilots

When cute, transforming aliens rain down on Earth and form permanent bonds with the first child they meet, it’s up to four young kids to unlock their mysterious powers and save the world from chaos.


When a cybernetically enhanced teen is recruited by a secret resistance group to combat his creator, a genius dictator building a cyborg army intent on world domination, he is forced to decide whether his loyalties lie with humanity or his former “family”. 

Animated Sitcom Pilots

When Lyle, a disgraced young campaign manger, is forced to take a job as a garbage man, he discovers the passion and charisma of his older new partner, Marzy, and convinces him to run for Mayor, but when Marzy’s strict code of ethics inhibits Lyle’s political instincts, he must convince Marzy that to win an election, sometimes you have to get dirty.

When a care-free surfer dude discovers his girlfriend is pregnant, he has to give up his bodacious lifestyle and enter the working world, despite the fact that that he has no useable skills.

Live-Action Sitcom Pilot

When Mighty Gilgamesh, King of Kings, grows tired of his immortality after five-thousand years, he decides to do the only thing on Earth he has never done: Have a “normal” family in Suburban America!

One-Hour Drama

After the devastating Solar System Civil War, Jace suffers from severe PTSD and depression as the last surviving member of an elite bomb squad unit, but when a new threat arises that only he can face, he must overcome his demons to save humanity, once again.

Feature Films

In a dystopian future ruled by a fearsome Emperor, a lone insurgent has the opportunity to go back in time and re-do the day he failed to kill him, but when he returns to the future, he discovers that now the evil emperor is… himself!?

In the not too-distant future where social media popularity has become the new currency, a friendless pariah discovers a conspiracy to enslave all of humanity, but in order to stop it, he is forced to finally delve into the society he has spent his life resisting.


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